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Oil-flooded Screw ( 7.5 to 240 kW ) ( OSP )

Hitachi Oil-Flooded Screw compressors are offering improved energy saving features to cater to different industries. With our NEXT Series adding to the already impressive HISCREW product range, Hitachi continues to satisfy the needs of every customer.


PQ Wide Mode

This option enables compressors to compress air at a greater capacity at a lower discharge pressure. Applies to the Vplus models.


It monitors the air consumption and automatically adjusts the cut-out pressure for energy saving. This function applies to the standard, fixed speed models.

Auto Belt Tensioner 

This is a newly developed function which helps reduce maintenance downtime. Adjustment and checking of belt tension is no longer necessary. This applies to the standard, fixed speed models.

Longer oil change interval

Oil replacement cycle has been extended to every 2 years or 12,000hrs, whichever comes first.



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