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Oil-Free Screw ( 15 to 240 kW ) ( DSP )

Hitachi oil-free screw compressors offer oil-free air at "Class 0" ( ISO8573-1:2010 Class 0 TÜV Certification ). It caters to different industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical and semi-conductor industries. With the NEXT Series adding to the already impressive Oil-free product range, Hitachi continues to satisfy the needs of every customer.


PQ Wide Mode

This option enables compressors to compress air at a greater capacity at a lower discharge pressure. Applies to the Vplus models.


It monitors the air consumption and automatically adjusts the cut-out pressure for energy saving. This function applies to the standard, fixed speed models.

Higher Ambient Temperature

Up to 45ºC for our NEXT Series models.

OMR & Solenoid Drain Valve

NEXT Series models are equipped with Oil Mist Removal ( OMR ) and Solenoid Drain Valve.



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