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Basic application of air compressor

Compressors are machines (mechanical systems) that increase the pressure of the gas.
The use of the compressor is very much, we are present in almost all industries such as printing, packaging, food, textile, wood, … Compressors is a “chain” key in the system Industrial use of gas at high pressure to operate other machinery …
The air compressor draws air from the outside and stores it in a steam tank, so the pressure in the tank is very high. From steam, the gas will be distributed to various tools such as steam guns for blowing dust or water, or to machines with rotating parts such as nail screw machines, drilling machines, sanders. This is a small turbine, when the high pressure air flow will push the turbine blades rotate, thanks to the appropriate drive mechanism, the machine will operate. Typically, air is commonly used to provide power to pneumatic tools such as road drilling machines, paint spraying equipment and dental drills.
In the field of control:
The 50s and 60s of the 20th century was a period of great automation. The pneumatic control technology was developed widely and varied in many different fields. Only in Cong Hoa Germany has 60 firms specializing in the production of pneumatic control elements
Compressed air control systems (air compressors) are used in areas where explosive atmospheres such as spray equipment, clamping devices, plastic parts, plastics In addition, the pneumatic control system is also used in automatic transmission lines, in equipment. transport and inspection of boiler equipment, electroplating equipment, packaging, packaging and in the chemical industry.
In the field of transmission:
– Impact tools and equipment:
The equipment, machinery in the field such as mining, mining, coal mining, in the construction works such as mine construction, tunnel.
– Transmission:
To drive a rotary engine with high capacity with very high cost of compressed air. If you compare the power consumption of a rotary engine with compressed air and an electric motor of the same capacity, the cost of consumption The power of a compressed air motor is 10 to 15 times higher than that of an electric motor. But the volume and weight are 30% less than the electric motor of the same capacity.
Screwdrivers, drills, a capacity of about 3.5 Kw, grinding machines, a capacity of about 2.5 Kw as well as grinding machines with small capacity, but the number of revolutions around 100,000 rpm, the ability to use pneumatic drive is suitable.
– Direct drive:
Direct pneumatic pressure transmissions for straight drives in tools, clamping devices, packaging equipment, woodworking machinery, cooling equipment as well as in braking systems brake of the car.