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Should I use a Chinese compressor?


Chinese compressors offer a number of attractive features such as low investment cost, easy maintenance, low cost and long term warranty. However, many customers come to us with the concern in choosing the type of air compressor from this country. That’s why we decided to write this topic to give you a more comprehensive view of it.

At present, the Chinese compressors are supplied to the Vietnamese market a lot, but the person who advises and sells the machines to customers has not really consulted customers with an overview of the compressors for them to decide. Should you choose? Sometimes, because of the immediate profit factor, they only want to sell the machine, but the operation and quality will be calculated later. So, we are shoppers, we need to be more alert than ever to avoid nuisances during use.

There are many manufacturers of compressed air in China , but only 1-2 companies are rated for quality, most of the time after a period of use and exploitation, the status of the machine degraded very quickly. .

Some common problems with using Chinese compressors :

– The machine runs loudly during use, often when using the customer will have to install a muffler or put the machine in a separate room, away from other activities.

– The details of the machine are very fragile, such as the most important part is compressor assembly, if we compare with the other compressors of Europe, America, Japan, … we The compressed air lines of these countries are made very sophisticated, the body and the shell are thick and firm. In that gas, Chinese compressors are usually very fragile and rugged. Not to mention the most important parts considered the heart of the pneumatic system is the screw.

– One of the most important things when choosing a compressor is the flow and working pressure. For large brand air compressors, when the specifications are given in the Catalog / Manual, the machine is usually operated in the same way as the manufacturer provides. For Chinese compressors , the flow and pressure are usually lower than what the manufacturer recommends. But this is often the only way we can see clearly in the process of using the machine.

– Cost of depreciation during use: For high quality compressors, after 10 years of operation and maintenance periodically, the machine is still operating very well. But for Chinese compressors usually only after 6 months to 1 year of use, you will see a rapid deterioration and after 5 years everything is much worse.

– The cost of power consumption of compressor China will often run out more than other compressor quality air. In fact, power consumption is one of the things we pay so much over time.

But if we calculate based on the cost of mining and investment in the long run, the actual use of compressors in China is much more expensive than the company’s major compressors on the market. gender. This cost is from all stages: investment, exploitation, repair, maintenance, etc., to the failure of the production process to stop the production process. interrupt the sewing.

Our advice

Unless you really know for sure that a Chinese compressor is of good quality and that you can use it in your own area, then buy it. And this knowledge must be based on the fact of observing, listening to the opinions of those who have used rather than merely relying on the manufacturer’s specifications and the advice of the seller. .

Asia Corporation would like you to have the choice and investment wise for your compressed air system. To find out about a good price and quality air compressor, please refer to the article below.