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The benefits and applications of compressed air in production and life


Compressed air is a safe and reliable source of energy. It is used in most industries. In fact, nearly 70% of companies use compressed air for at least one of their activities.

The user can control the utility as well as the quality of compressed air. Depending on the needs and nature of work, users can choose the appropriate type of compressor based on the basic characteristics of compressed air as follows:

Easily contained in dedicated containers where they are not available or can not be set up for other sources of energy Snow generators
Compressed air is used in places where other sources of energy can not be used because of possible fire or explosion Oil rig, coal mining, pits
The compressed air equipment can be used in very high temperatures Tools for using compressed air to put coal slag in the furnace, or equipment used in industrial air conditioners to convert frozen food
High levels of cleanliness, especially for quality, sanitation and safety work Food production, electronics, dentistry
Dry compressed air Used for spray painting
It can be pumped into closed containers and used in places where there is no air duct system Air tank for divers
As an energy source, compressed air does not affect the electrical monitoring equipment Used for hospital
Compressed air appliances are generally lighter than comparable electric appliances, making them easier to use Equipment, assembly line productionMachine, hammer in construction

The following is a list of widely used pneumatic applications in production:

1. In construction:

– Drilling and demolition hammer

– Concrete slabs

– Brick and stone conveyor systems

2. Mining industry

– Rock drill and stone transport system

– hammer and gas shears

– ventilation system

3. In steel and cast iron plants

– Reducing carbon in steel

– Machines for packing semi-finished products

– Cooling tools and machines

4. In the chemical industry

– As a raw material for oxidation

– control reaction process, dispensing, refining …

5. Energy industry

– Bringing and withdrawing raw materials in the reactor

– control cooling circuits

– Ventilation system for boilers

6. In medical: ( airless oil compressor )

– Provide steam for dental drills

– Air for the respiratory system

– Serving for anesthesia work